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Are you looking for a new experience, or are you just an over-achiever? Both cases, you should be looking at the Double Degree programs available at FSPAC. This opportunity targets an international career, with degrees from two different institutions – Romanian and Partner/Host country. Through this program you will accelerate your multicultural skills and it will integrate you into the global trends and markets.

There are two universities involved within double degree programs: 

For the Public administration and Management department

For the Communication, Public Relations and Advertising department

The student will carry out a one year mobility course at one of the partner universities (the host university) and their diploma will be recognized bilateral.

Programs’ Structure:

  • Bachelor: mobility of minimum two semesters at the partner (host) university, the rest at the home university.
  • Master: mobility of minimum one semester at the partner (host) university, the rest at the home university.

The enrolment for the double and joint degree programs takes place at the home university. For the mobility period, the students enroll at the partner university, according to the application procedure existing there (feel free to check the information on the links above).

Incoming students at UBB follow the admission procedure for Romanian universities, as well as the admission procedure at the respective UBB faculties.

More information about the admission process:

Double Degree BA and MA at Corvinus University of Budapest

The double degree with Corvinus University involves an application and selection process, depending on the number of places available each year and existing financial resources. Students selected to participate in this program must spend one semester at Corvinus, generally in their 2nd year of study. This internship can be financed, within the limits of available places, through an ERASMUS+ mobility. 

Students earning the dual degree must earn a total of 42 credits at Corvinus University. A limited number of credits out of the 42 can also be obtained in Romania, provided that one or more courses are taught within FSPAC by tenured professors at Corvinus University. Completion of the studies is done by supporting a work jointly coordinated by professors from both universities.

Double Degree BA and MA in Communication and Public Relations with FH Kiel, Germany

Information for the DD process to be found at Ioana Florea, expert for Cooperation with German-speaking countries, at UBB & conf. univ. dr. Meda Mucundorfeanu, FSPAC departmental coordinator for German line (